Surviving High School: Tips to Ease Your Studies

High school comes with tons of challenges and obstacles that weigh students down and dampen their spirits. High school is hard for the majority, and only those who want to survive ask the question, “how can I survive?” High school, for several people, is that tricky monster one must defeat to enter adulthood and finally be free. You are not alone if you are going through a challenging high school experience right now.

This article will give you advice that will undoubtedly make high school a lot easier. Also, we will provide you with tips for high school that will help ease your journey and make studying fun and rewarding.

Surviving high school: The million-dollar advice for high schoolers

If you are in high school, that means you are likely in your teenage years – if you’re not, that’s okay. This period comes with challenges, as does every other life stage as you grow older. Below are a few pieces of advice that every high schooler should have under their belt to make things easier:

  1. You cannot please everyone, so stop trying

Everyone has their expectation(s) of you; your parents want you to join a specific club, and your friends have suspicious plans you disagree with. Pause and remember that doing what is best for you is far more important than doing what others want you to do. Yes, your friends will feel let down, and your parents may be disappointed – but that is okay.

  1. It is okay to be imperfect

There is so much pressure on you to be perfect and at your best. You may even feel like you must be the best at everything or you are nothing. That is not true; the fact is that no one is great at everything they try. You will not always be the best, and you must understand that that is okay.

  1. You do not have to like what your friends like

Your friends are their persons, and you are your own person; you cannot all like the same things. It is okay to have different hobbies, a different taste in music, or even interests your friends may find weird. Be your own person and make friends with people who embrace and learn from your differences and vice versa.

Tips and tricks for getting through high school and excelling in studies

In high school, you are on a journey you need to prepare for if you want to excel. Below are some high school tricks and tips to make the studying experience easier for you:

  1. Be serious with studies

First, you are in school to learn; therefore, take the learning process seriously. That means not skipping classes, doing homework, studying for tests and exams, and maybe even getting extra tutorials.

  1. Learn to manage your time

Time management is an important life skill for any level, including high school. If you want to succeed mentally and academically, you need to learn how to manage your time. For instance, ensure you have a personal study timetable to avoid last-minute cramming and stress during assessments. Realistically allocate time for everything you need to do in your timetable and stick to it.

  1. Set goals

Don’t be like many who just breeze through high school, not knowing why they are there. Have clear and defined goals to give you focus and direction. Not only will you be in control of your current situation; you will have a benchmark for determining your success.

  1. Don’t take sleep for granted

This may seem like bad advice, but you should never study when you should be sleeping. Many think doing this gives them an advantage, but studies show that lack of sleep affects their learning and retaining abilities. You need at least eight hours of sleep every night to be refreshed and ready for school the next day.


Knowing how to survive high school is all about doing things right. That includes having a study partner or group, utilizing your teachers, avoiding procrastination, and maintaining a balanced lifestyle. Also, remember to be yourself, believe in yourself, and stay focused on your goals.

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