Why Is Homework Important: Main Advantages for Students

Homework is a general term used to describe the work your teacher gives you to do at home. Your teacher assigns it during school hours, with instructions that you complete it at home before the following day. Or, if it is the weekend, you are to finish it before the weekend.

Many students hate doing homework, especially on a subject they struggle with. Nevertheless, regardless of how the majority feels about it, assignment is integral to education; it aids learning. Things will change when you see it as more than just a boring part of your learning process and something with much to offer. But the obvious question on most students’ minds is: why is homework important?

Is homework harmful or helpful?

Most students have wondered: is homework beneficial or just a waste of time? Many studies have been carried out on homework to discover if it is important and how. One of the studies established that there is a positive relationship between student achievement and homework. The psychology professor who carried out the study, Professor Harris Cooper, found that homework essentially helps students perform better in school.

This study and countless others like it have helped solidify the fact that homework is essential in a student’s life. Homework requires additional work at home; this extra time allows students to understand a topic or material in greater depth. Additionally, homework helps a teacher evaluate his student to discover where they need more attention.

However, homework does become harmful when too much is given. A certain amount of homework hours is recommended for students per week, depending on their educational level. When these hours are exceeded, the student may start having problems, which can include psychological and physical problems. Some issues associated with too much homework include anxiety, lack of sleep, and depression.

In what ways is homework helpful to students?

Homework is helpful to students in many ways; even after school, at the professional level, students keep reaping the benefits. But exactly why should teachers assign homework to their students, and how does it benefit them?

  1. They learn time management

Doing my homework helps students learn the value of time management and how to balance play and work. Also, as homework typically comes with a deadline, students ultimately learn to prioritize their time. Time management skills are essential in academics and beyond; professionals must manage their time efficiently to succeed.

  1. They learn to study on their own

Homework helps cultivate a student’s self-learning habit as they learn to read wider than what was taught in class. A student who allows the full benefits of homework to materialize in them will find themself revising syllabuses independently. Along the way, they will develop their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

  1. They learn to be responsible

Homework means deeper study at home, which teaches students to be independent learners because they learn to do their homework without a teacher’s help. As such, they are motivated to study harder and achieve better results. Ultimately, they develop a sense of responsibility that they will use even at home.

  1. Teachers and parents can track their performance

Homework helps a student’s teacher and their parents assess their performance. For parents especially, they can track how their children are doing academically by consistently checking their homework. Where there is an issue, the parent can discuss it with their child’s teacher to improve the child’s academic performance.

  1. They learn persistence

When tackling homework, it is not always that answers to a problem will be found easily. More often than not, one will need to search broadly and work hard to find the solution to a problem. That may mean trying out different methods to find the right solution. This way, that student develops persistence, determination, and grit to keep working until they succeed.


The answer to the question, “is homework good for kids” is yes. Homework, whether given in high school or college, benefits the student. Studies have shown that students who take their time to do their homework perform better than those who don’t.

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