Tips on How to Make Studying Fun and Enjoyable

“Study” and “Fun” are two words most students will never use together in a sentence – they seem to contradict each other. To be fair, studying is no piece of cake; even when you do everything right, you can still feel like you’re not. Then, even with the well-ventilated study room and motivating study environment, you cannot wait for the study period to be over.

Studying can be fun, regardless of the subject or its difficulty. It would help if you found ways to make studying fun, not because of the subject, but despite it.

Asking the obvious question: why is studying so boring?

Everyone agrees that studying is highly beneficial, but we also agree that it can be so dull. If you have ever wondered why learning is so boring, here are some of the reasons:

  • Most of the studying focuses on repetition; you must read the same thing repeatedly until you commit them to memory.
  • There are no immediate rewards to studying; what you read may be in your mind, but nothing encourages it to stay.
  • Studying is often done alone and in one’s own space, which can be pretty boring and depressing.
  • You may also be bored because you have a boring tutor or study group.
  • The material you are studying is boring; if you see a class or material as boring, studying it will also be boring.

Is it possible to have fun studying?

There are many fun ways to study, despite the material you are studying. Many have the wrong notion that once you start studying, there is no more fun, and you are no longer living. However, this does not have to be so; there are many things you can incorporate into your study schedule to make it fun. One such is balancing your personal life and studies by scheduling time for each in your calendar.

Not only will you be productive when you do that, but you will also find yourself looking forward to studying. Also, consider doing homework outside closed doors, outdoors, if you can – that means a new environment, which is always helpful. You need to remember that studying is fun – or at least can be rather than just tolerable.

Brilliant tips on how to make studying more fun

Now that we have established that “study” and “fun” are not incompatible let’s see how. Below are tips on how to make studying fun and enjoyable for you.

  1. Time management: get your calendar, digital or otherwise, and your course syllabi; then, map out everything you need to do, and the time required. These include your tests, homework, projects, doctor appointments, outings, and parties.
  2. Dedicate a space: dedicate an area you will use specifically for study – and this can be anywhere. Regardless of where, always regard this spot as a sacred ground where you are a studying machine.
  3. Compete against yourself: make your study time enjoyable by competing against yourself to see how you can get through questions without missing any. You can also start a study group with friends and take bets – say, on who can get the rightest answers on an assignment.
  4. Give yourself a break: don’t study for too long at a time; that is one easy way to get burned out. Set a timer where you are working for a certain amount of time; relax for a few minutes when the timer goes off.
  5. Reward yourself: studying has no immediate rewards, so make one for yourself. It doesn’t have to be snacks and sweets; it could be a few minutes of watching YouTube videos.


Knowing how to love studying is a skill many students only learn when they start studying a subject they love. However, as we said before, enjoying studying has to be in spite of a subject, not because of it. If you can master this skill, you may soon find yourself liking the subjects you once loathed.

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