Disabling of unnecessary services

Disabling of unnecessary services

Windows 10: Disabling of unnecessary services – that’s how it works

Windows 10 can be slowed down by too much unneeded background services. We show which services you can disable like.

So let’s see what services Windows 10 launches:

  • Press the key combination Windows + R.
  • Type msconfig and press Enter.
  • The system configuration opens.
  • Click on the Services tab.
  • Sets the checkmark below “Hide all Microsoft services” at the bottom left.
  • Now you only see services that have been added by installed software.

Switch off unnecessary services

Removes the checkmark from the corresponding service in the list.

You should only disable services if you know what programs they belong to. Googles services if you are unsure what they are doing.

Then confirm with OK and restart Windows 10.

Deactivate services via “services.msc”

If you are more familiar with Windows, you can also disable services as follows:

  • Press the key combination Windows + R.
  • Enter services.msc and press Enter.
  • In the list you can see all available services.

In the column Status you can see which services are running.

In the Startup Type column, you can see if a service is started automatically (setting: Automatic) or only started when it is needed (setting: Manual).

Double click on a service to set the startup type to “Disabled”. If you are not sure, choose “Manual”.

The following services are unnecessary

Programs are particularly popular in the services, which regularly check installed software for updates. These are usually superfluous, since they can also be started from the respective program. Known unnecessary services include:

  • Adobe Acrobat Update Service
  • Adobe Flash Player Update Service
  • Amazon 1Button App Service
  • Service Bonjour (Apple Service)
  • Google Update service (gupdate)
  • Mozilla Maintenance Service (updates for Firefox or Thunderbird)
  • Skype Updater
  • Windows biometric service (fingerprint scanner etc.)
  • Windows Error Reporting Service

If you know more unnecessary services, she likes to write us in the comments.

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